I seriously need to stop being Mr Fucking Nice Guy all the fucking time. All it ever does is get me hurt and I don’t think my god damned heart can take anymore. Fuck everything, I’m just really glad that I have amazing friends to hold me together. Because I’m not gonna lie, I may have committed suicide a long time ago if it wasn’t for them.

I’m pretty stupid to always fall for girls who are either going to break my heart or move away…story of my life. I still have hope that someday someone is gonna want to stay by my side. But sometimes it just keeps getting harder and harder to hold on to that hope.



I’ve always thought that being there for someone when they need you would mean something…I guess I was wrong.

I’m a fool, and need to give up on what appears to be a lost cause and focus on someone who is actually interested in me.

I feel like I’m putting way more into a relationship that I’m not going to get anything out of.

Someday someone is going to see how amazing I’d be to them, and they’re going to hold on to me and not let go. Until then all I can do is wait for that person to come into my life, or wait for that person to come to their senses.