How can you like some of my posts, but can’t answer a damn text!

It always makes me happy when I hear from you. And when I don’t…well that feeling just sucks.

The best gift that I could get is to have someone special. That’s the one thing I’ve always asked for for my birthday or Christmas every year.

I feel like I should give up and move on before I get hurt or it’s too late for other options.

Not sure if I should continue with this, or move on and hope for the best.

It’s the waiting for a response that really can be a killer

Took a leap….here’s to hoping that the other person catches me.

It really sucks having your heart toyed with then just given back to you. This is why I have major trust issues.

It’s whatever….it’s not like I enjoy spending time with you or anything.


Posting this to save it like a bookmark because this is VERY IMPORTANT.


All the flavor, none of the bigotry!